Crows & Cauldrons

Hello, you beautiful being of light! My name is Jordan. homesteading in a cabin surrounded by The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. empath. aquarius. gray witch. I fucking love Brand New. I connect with animals and dead things more than people, although I feel the need to comfort others no matter the circumstance, if you need me, I'll most likely sense it before you tell me. I'm recovering from eating disorders as well as panic and anxiety disorders, without the use of medication. but I am human and sometimes I slip up. I enjoy alone time, tarot, healing, melodic doom metal, sacred geometry, cannabis, traveling, conversation, and meditation. my life has been rough, but I'm starting to realize I can control the outcome of any situation if I will it with all my heart. I will forever be a survivor
................. Instagram: essenceunveiled ........Etsy: ThreeEyedRaven
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