Essence unveiled, the universe revealed.

Hello, you beautiful being of light! My name is Jordan. homesteading in a cabin surrounded by The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. empath. aquarius. gray witch. I connect with animals and dead things more than people, although I feel the need to comfort others no matter the circumstance, if you need me, I'll most likely sense it before you tell me. I've recovered from eating disorders as well as panic and anxiety disorders, without the use of medication. but I am human and sometimes I slip up. I enjoy alone time, tarot, healing, melodic doom metal, sacred geometry, cannabis, traveling, conversation, and meditation. my life has been rough, but I'm starting to realize I can control the outcome of any situation if I will it with all my heart. I will forever be a survivor
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  • Learned a thing or two today with a friends hoops. I’ve never hooped before in my life.

    How did you start your homesteading journey? Where did you find the money to get a cabin so young (if that's not too nosy to ask!) and how did you find one so beautiful? I love your blog and hope you'll continue to share more with those of us who are getting ready to start the road into self-sufficiency!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Well it all started with a job I got as a waitress at this small family owned organic cafe. All the ingredients we use are sourced within 15 miles. And I thought that was awesome! We started growing our own food, and eventually began raising pigs on a small farm. One day out at the farm, I noticed an abandoned cabin. Walking around inside I began to envision living in the cabin. it had so much potential. So I talked to my boss. Told her I’d care for the chicken’s, the garden, the pigs and their piglets. In exchange for living in the cabin. And she was All for it. I’ve always thought this way of life was the most fulfilling. But I never knew how truly amazing it was until the last few weeks. It’s rewarding, inspiring, healthy mentally and physically, and all around fun! :) about a days worth of cleaning and another days worth of moving furniture and I was moved in comfortably to my new cabin. I set up the shower today, cooked my own fresh garden vegetable dinner. Took a shower with fresh well water with soap and hair products that don’t harmfully effect the environment and haven’t paid a cent of rent money for the privilege of it all. It’s all about who you know, but once you start thinking in a way that benefits you and your fellow earthlings, you will meet all the right people. you will accomplish all of your goals. :) Namaste.

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